SIL Battery handling & Testing – BATfD-1

SIL Battery handling & testing - BATfD-1


  • Automotive batteries, selection, installation, testing, storage, vehicle charging
  • Part 1

Duration hrs/days : 8hrs/1 day

For battery wholesalers/retailers

Training Topics:

  • The chemistry behind SIL batteries
  • Battery types and applications
  • Battery specifications and standards
  • Determining the correct battery for a specific application
  • Handling of SIL batteries during storage
  • How to test batteries using BAT131
  • How to setup battery tester BAT131
  • How to test the charging and starting system of a vehicle using BAT131
  • How to use battery charger BAT645 for charging
  • How to use battery charger BAT645 in buffer mode
  • Warranty assessment for batteries

Practical Exercise:

  • Battery Testing using BAT131
  • Testing charging and starting system with BAT131
  • Battery installation using BAT645
  • Charging multiple batteries

Equipment & Tools used:

  • BAT131
  • BAT645
  • FSA500/760