DIAGNOSTICS CUP 2023 - Educational Sector

On December 5, 2023, the Rana Motors Building Block C played host to the thrilling second edition of the West African Vehicle Academy Diagnostics Cup. Five talented competitors from various institutions—Ghana Armed Forces Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Sector, Ghana National Association of Garages (GNAG), Government Technical Training Centre (GTTC), Accra Technical University (ATU), and Accra Technical Training Centre (ATTC)—graced the event.

The action-packed competition spanned six hours, featuring two exciting folds: the Knowledge test and the Practical test, each lasting three hours. Guiding us through this automotive adventure was the charismatic Daniel Morel, a junior trainer from the West African Vehicle Academy (WAVA).

The day kicked off with Shadrack Akome Ababio from the Ghana Technical Training Centre (GTTC) taking a commanding lead in the tally. Hot on his heels were Ababio Kaiafas Mensah of Accra Technical Training Centre (ATTC) and Colebel Boazor from the Ghana Armed Forces—Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, establishing a formidable 3-point lead before the lunch break.

As the competition shifted to the practical test phase, Colebel Boazor from the Ghana Armed Forces—Electrical and Mechanical Engineering stole the spotlight, closely trailed by Gabriel Amoani, Kaiafas Mensah, Shadrack Akome Ababio, and Iddrisu Adamu. The grand finale saw the top three contestants maintaining their well-deserved positions.

In a spectacular finish, Colebel Boazor from the Ghana Armed Forces' Electrical and Mechanical Engineering sector emerged as the triumphant winner. Gabriel Amoani from Accra Technical University secured the 1st runner-up position, with Ababio Kaiafas Mensah of Accra Technical Training Centre (ATTC) claiming the 2nd runner-up spot.

Heartfelt thanks are extended to all the participants, dedicated trainers, and our esteemed partners: Rana Motors, Robert Bosch Ghana, and Kia, for their generous sponsorship, making the WAVA Diagnostics Cup 2023 a resounding success.

A big congratulations! to Colebel Boazor, and we eagerly anticipate the excitement of next year's event!

Daniel Morel Acolatse

Junior Trainer, WAVA.

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