Service Adviser Training

Service Adviser Training - SA-1


  • Technical basics of engine, brakes, gearboxes, safety systems, regular maintenance schedules, customer & complaint handling
  • Part 1

Duration hrs/days : 40hrs/5days

For Service Advisors

Training Topics:

  • Basics of combustion engine
  • Diesel and Otto engine
  • Basics of gearboxes
  • Manual and automatic gearboxes
  • Basics of brake systems
  • Basics of lighting system
  • Active and passive safety systems
  • Airbags, belt tensioner, ABS, TCS, ESP
  • Basics of vehicle electrical power supply
  • Basics of AC and climate control
  • Dashboard warning lights, what´s the meaning?
  • Liquids for vehicles: Oils, coolants, service fluids
  • Vehicle regular maintenance schedule
  • Vehicle check-in, check-out
  • Customer handling and complaint management

Practical Exercise:

  • Oil and filter service
  • Change of spark plugs
  • Basic diagnose with scan tool
  • Basic AC service
  • Vehicle check-in, check-out

Equipment & Tools used:

  • AC service unit ACS611
  • Kia KDS and Bosch KTS
  • General service tools