Engine Management 1

Engine Management 1 - EM-1


  • Engine Management: Port fuel injection, sensors and actuators
  • Part -1

Duration hrs/days : 40hrs/5days

For Automotive Technicians/Mechanics/Electricians

Training Topics:

  • Port Fuel Injection (PFI)
  • Advanced PFI
  • Load detection methods
  • Air volume/mass detection
  • MAP sensor function and diagnosis
  • Idle control with stepper motor
  • Electronic throttle control (ETC)
  • Accelerator pedal sensor (Poti/Hall type)
  • Intake manifold change over
  • Fuel supply system (with/without return)
  • Electric fuel pump (EKP), fuel filter
  • Types of PFI
  • Fuel injection valves and signals
  • Speed reference mark sensors (inductive/Hall)
  • Camshaft position sensor

Practical Exercise:

  • Testing of fuel pressure and fuel flow
  • Measurements at various sensors/actuators
  • Fault finding using KTS and FSA
  • Signal analysis at ETC and injectors using FSA
  • Testing of crank- camshaft position sensor

Equipment & Tools used:

  • Engine analyzer FSA500/760
  • ESI 2.0 with KTS560/590
  • Fuel pressure testing gauge
  • Autel diagnostics scanner
  • Various adapters and connection sets