Express Bosch Car Service 1 (EBCS -1)

Express Bosch Car Service 1 - EBCS-1


  • Starter training for Express Bosch Car Service and Quick Service
  • Basic automotive service

Duration hrs/days : 40hrs/5days

For Automotive Technicians/Mechanics/Electricians

Training Topics:

  • Working with ESI 2.0
  • Selecting the right vehicle/system
  • Using self-diagnosis and instructions
  • Defining spare parts using ESI [tronic]
  • Hydraulic brake system
  • Service/diagnosis/repair
  • Basics of brake wear parts and fluids
  • Basics automotive AC systems
  • Regular maintenance for AC systems
  • Basic trouble shooting for AC systems
  • Service procedures: Oil, filter, spark plug, drive belts, fluids
  • Battery and alternator basic function/variants
  • Vehicle lighting system
  • Service/diagnosis/repair

Practical Exercise:

  • Basic operation of ESI 2.0 and KTS VCI
  • Changing brake wear parts and fluids
  • Basic service for AC systems
  • Service works (oil, filter, spark plug change)
  • Battery and alternator service/diagnose/repair

Equipment & Tools used:

  • AC service unit ACS611
  • ESI 2.0 with KTS560/590
  • Multi meter MMD302
  • Cable test set
  • Autel Diagnostics scanner