Diesel 1

Diesel 1 – DI-1


  • Diesel engine for PC: Service/repair, troubleshooting, mechanic/electronic control
  • Part 1

Duration hrs/days : 40hrs/5days

For Automotive Technicians/Mechanics/Electricians

Training Topics:

  • 4 stroke Diesel Engine principles
  • Basics of mechanically controlled Diesel injection
  • Inline and rotary pumps with mechanical governors
  • Mechanically operated injectors
  • EDC: Common Rail (CRS) and Unit Injector systems (UIS)
  • CRS system design: EDC7, 15, 16
  • High pressure pumps: CP1, CP3, CP4
  • Pressure control valves and metering units
  • Common rail injectors solenoid/piezo operated
  • Diesel glow control
  • Low pressure fuel supply systems
  • High pressure distribution and fuel rail
  • Exhaust gas recirculation for Diesel engines
  • Non Bosch CR systems (Denso)
  • Turbo chargers & Turbo charge control

Practical Exercise:

  • CR injector testing with EPS118
  • CR injector leak testing
  • Injector test with EPS100
  • Fault finding at Diesel engine
  • Diesel system testing

Equipment & Tools used:

  • CR injector tester EPS118
  • ESI 2.0 with KTS560/590
  • Autel scan tool
  • FSA500 & FSA760
  • Injector tester EPS100

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