Automotive AC Systems

Automotive AC Systems - AC-1


  • Service/Repair, troubleshooting
  • Part 1

Duration hrs/days : 40hrs/5days

For Automotive Technicians/Mechanics/Electricians

Training Topics:

  • Basic function of automotive AC systems
  • Physics of AC systems (temperature, latent heat, heat transfer)
  • Pressure/Temperature co-relation, enthalpy and steam curve
  • The refrigerant cycle and its components
  • AC systems with expansion valve and orifice type systems
  • Refrigerant and compressor oil properties
  • Working with AC service station
  • Regular maintenance on automotive AC systems
  • Troubleshooting of automotive AC systems
  • Electric and electronic controls for AC system components
  • Leak detection methods
  • Service procedures for replacement of AC components
  • AC service for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  • Practical exercises on component repairs, working with AC service
  • Leak testing, electrical troubleshooting etc.

Practical Exercise:

  • Fill AC with different quantities of freon
  • Measure pressure and temperature
  • Search for leakages using different methods
  • Troubleshooting AC faults
  • Read out fault memory and checking actual values

Equipment & Tools used:

  • AC service unit
  • Manifold gauge with hoses
  • Thermometer
  • Diagnostics machine
  • Refrigerant identifier