SRS, Airbag, passive safety systems

SRS, Airbag, Passive Safety Systems - AB-1


  • Safety restrain systems, airbag systems and related passive safety systems, belt tensioners, BSK
  • Part 1

Duration hrs/days : 32hrs/4days

For Automotive Technicians/Mechanics/Electricians

Training Topics:

  • Safety regulations for Airbags
  • Airbag systems and generations
  • Airbag system layout
  • Sensors for SRS systems
  • Airbag/Gas generators
  • Airbag types
  • Belt tensioner systems
  • Additional functions of AB systems
  • Roll-over protection
  • Cabling for AB components
  • Diagnosing AB systems using: ESI 2.0 and KTS
  • Error memory, actual values and coding
  • Replacing of AB components
  • Final testing for AB systems

Practical Exercise:

  • Exchange of AB components
  • Diagnose of AB systems
  • Checking AB systems cabling
  • Settings and coding for AB systems
  • Diagnose for belt tensioner

Equipment & Tools used:

  • ESI 2.0 and KTS560/590
  • Engine Analyser FSA500/760
  • Multimeter MMD302
  • Test cable set
  • Autel Diagnostics scanner