Basic Electrics (Electrical Fundamentals)

For Automotive Electricians and Diagnostics Technicians
Presupposition: Students should have a solid background in Automotive Technology and a minimum experience of 1 year working at a workshop.
Subject: The basics of Electric and Electronic

  • What is Electricity
  • Matter and its constituencies
  • Electrons, protons, neutrons
  • Electrical charge
  • Conductivity
  • Conductors, semi-conductors, and insulators
  • The Watt’s Law
  • The Ohm’s Law
  • Electrical power source
  • Electrical circuits
  • Resistors serial & parallel circuits
  • Measurements at electrical circuits with multi meter and oscilloscope
  • Magnetism and inductivity
  • Electric motor
  • Starter battery
  • Alternator
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Terminal assignments
  • Electrical wiring harness repair
  • Electrical contacts for automotive applications
Practical work:

  • Measurements at automotive circuit models and at vehicles.
  • Deploying an automotive circuit at a model board.
  • Fixing of contacts and wiring harness, soldering.
  • Volt, Amp and Resistance measurements using a multi meter.
  • Signal measuring with Oscilloscope.
  • Tools used: MMD302, FSA500, FSA7XX, KTS590/570).